Welcome to the OLD partly OUTDATED web pages of EUTelescope data analysis framework!

Find here the new starting point: https://eutelescope.github.io/

The new documentation is moving to the Github Wiki continously.

For support, please visit and use the issue tracker on Github!


Old news:

See new commits on Github Repository!

25.06.2018 Updated installer

15.08.2017 Updated installer and detailed intallation instructions for SLC 6, CernCentOS 7, Fedora 26 and Ubuntu 17

01.04.2016 New release v1.0 is out!

25.11.2014 The 4th "Beam Telescopes and Test Beams (BTTB)" workshop to be held at LAL, Orsay from February 3rd to 5th, 2016! 

25.11.2014 The 3rd workshop on "Beam Telescopes and Testbeams for Detector R&D" at DESY! For details, check out this announcement

17.01.2014 Announcing new minor release 0.9.3

13.01.2014 For developers: EUTelescope sources moved to git+GitHub

10.10.2013 Announcing new minor release 0.9.2

27.09.2013 Announcing new minor release 0.9.1 and a modified ILCSoft installer

12.09.2013 Minor website updates. Please notify us should you find broken links or outdated/wrong information!

09.08.2013 Announcing new releases 0.9.0 and 0.8.4

26.06.2013 Announcing the new minor release 0.8.3 and an updated ILCsoft installer

28.05.2013 Announcing ILCsoft's new release (v1.17.1) and our simplified installation procedure!

06.05.2013 New minor release 0.8.2 announced!

22.03.2013 New minor release 0.8.1 announced! Mailing lists for users and developers set up. Check the FAQ for information on subscribing.

27.02.2013 EUTelescope Workshop announced for 25th to 27th of March! Looking forward seeing you at DESY!

19.02.2013 Release of version 0.8 with many improvements! See the FAQ for infos on how to update!

12.02.2013 More fixes and a logo!

08.02.2013 Design changes.

06.02.2013 reCaptcha added for anonymous users to prevent spam.

30.01.2013 Major site update - anonymous users can now report bugs, create forum threads and post comments.

01.01.2013 Happy New Year!