Mailing Lists


If you would like to be informed about new releases or upcoming workshops and tutorials, please consider signing up for the users mailing list. This list will only be addressed for EUTelescope-related news and is therefore rather low-traffic.

If you would like to keep up to date with the development on EUTelescope and be informed on any major changes to the development branch, please consider signing up for the developers mailing list. This list can be used by any developer to exchange information or discuss issues.


How to sign up

If you have a CERN account, you can subscribe to the lists via the e-group system at Search for eutelescope-users for the user mailing list, and/or eutelescope-developers for the mailing list with developer information.
If you do not have a CERN account, please notify us via the contact form and we will add your external address.