Updating - Changing the installed version of EUTelescope


There are two ways to update your EUTelescope installation: either via the ILCSoft installation scripts which is the recommended way, or manually via SVN. Both will keep all your modifications and analysis files intact.

If you want to change to a new ILCsoft distribution (e.g. from version v01-16-02 to v01-17-01) you should follow the details in the installation instructions, since this will affect all installed packages. Two or more ILCsoft versions can be installed in parallel, however.


Using ILCSoft Installation Scripts (recommended!)


In the ilcinstall_v01-17-XX folder created during the installation, modify the following line in the releases/v01-17/release-versions.py file:

Eutelescope_version = "v00-09-00"

Here, the string should correspond to the EUTelescope version to which you want to update. The latest development version can be fetched using "HEAD" as version number. Do not forget to set the $ILCSOFT path correctly, or you end up having two full installations.

After this just re-run the ILCsoft installer using

./ilcsoft-install -i examples/eutelescope/release-standalone.cfg

You should be asked whether you want to rebuild different parts, just answer everything with "yes" - this will also update all configuration paths which contain the EUTelescope version number automatically. After the finished installation copy all your modifications from the previous version's directory to the newly created one inside the Eutelescope folder (check modified/added files by running svn status).


Manual Update using SVN (only if you know what you are doing...)


For quick updates (e.g. for point-release updates) you can also just use plain SVN commands. This will allow you to manually merge your local changes with the new release and will not affect any files that you've created locally. However, your installation directory of EUTelescope will not reflect the version change and you might have to clean up the installation manually (see below).

First, find out what version you have currently checked out:

cd $EUTELESCOPE && svn info

Now, clean up the old library:

cd $EUTELESCOPE/build && make clean && make uninstall

Now, switch to the new version with

svn switch https://svnsrv.desy.de/public/eutelescope/Eutelescope/tags/VERSION

where VERSION should correspond to the version you want to update to (e.g. "v00-09-00"). If you've just made a minor update, all you need to do is recompile the new library:

cd $EUTELESCOPE/build && make install -j

If the update was not just a point-update (or you experience problems after the update such as seg faults), you need to recompile EUDAQ (which was linked against the old EUTelescope library) as well:

cd $EUDAQ && make clean
cd $EUTELESCOPE/build && cmake .. && make install -j
cd $EUTELESCOPE/build && cmake .. && make install -j

Please note that on newer versions of ILCsoft, EUDAQ is installed in the "external" subfolder of EUTelescope. Also, the exact version of EUDAQ depends on your installation settings.