Using EUTelescope with NAF Batch Job Submission

Instructions on how to use EUTelescope with the NAF


There is a script in $EUTELESCOPE/naf called, please copy this to
whereever you intend to run your NAF jobs, and then type "source"
This will create a series of folders and files within those folders, as follows:

Your Folder
----Empty for now
----Empty for now


Here follows the How-to for running on the NAF:

1. Make a folder where you want to run NAF jobs from
2. Copy the script to this folder
3. Type "source"
4. Go to folder "Jobs"
5. Edit the "" file, changing the run numbers to match your run numbers
6. Type "source"
7. Go to "XmlFiles"
8. Open "MakeXmlFiles" and choose the appropriate analysis step and run numbers that you want to run over with your NAF submission
9. Go to JobSubmission folder
10. Type "./CreateSubmitJobs ANALYSISTYPE RUNRANGE QUEUE", replacing the caps words with the appropriate analysis step and run numbers, and where QUEUE is optional
11. Then type "./SubmitJobs"
12. After this has happened, you will see all your jobs being submitted, and once that is completed a table will appear showing the current status of your jobs.
13. Press CTRL+C to get out of watching your jobs (this won't effect the running of the jobs)
14. After all jobs are complete, you can look at the output for each individual job in the OutputLogs folder
15. If any job failed or had error messages, these will be visible in the ErrorLogs folder. Be aware, if your code seg faults the error could be in either the output or the error files. Check both.


Here follows the description of each of these files and folders that were created:

  If your code spits out any errors, these will be found in this folder

  This folder is used to create small job scripts which can then be run on the
  NAF. This folder will contain lots of files which should not be touched
  after initial set up unless you need to add a step to the analysis which
  isn't already there.

    This is a standalone c++ file that will be compiled by the setup script
    to create the WriteJobFiles program
    This file contains a small script which will go through and create every
    conceivable step for your analysis, including a full chain analysis.
    The only thing you have to change in this folder is the run numbers,
    which are currently set to RUNRANGE. Change this to cover the whole range of
    runs over which you could possible go. For example, if you took data on
    runs from 1000-1356, and 2133-2167, then add the following instead of
    runs RUNRANGE: 1000-1356,2133-2167
    The final line of this makes all of the jobs executable, which is important.

    ADDITIONAL NOTES: The name of the analysis step here is important, it
    must be lower case, if you add a new step it must match the appropriate
    template file name.
    ADDITIONAL NOTES: For the alignment and fitting, the DafFitter is assumed,
    unless the job step includes the term GBL in which case a General Broken
    Lines fitting is assumed. For other fitting methods you will have to
    modify the script yourself (shouldn't be too hard I hope)

    This creates a job file

  This is the folder from which you should do all the work, after you have
  set up the jobs in the Jobs folder and the XmlFiles in the XmlFiles folder

    When you run many jobs you will get a lot of output files being produed,
    this is just a quick script which will go through and delete all of the
    appropriate output files. Use with caution.
    This code is compiled to make the CreateSubmitJobs script

    This script is the penultimate step to making NAF submissions, this script
    takes 2 arguments with an optional 3rd argument:
    Argument 1: This is the analysis type, e.g. converter, clustering,
    hitmaker, aligndaf, fitter... NOTE It is important that these are lower case
    Argument 2: This is the run range you wish to go over, e.g. 1000-1356,2133-2167
    Optional Argument 3: This is the NAF queue you wish to enter, options are
    "short", "long". Use "short" if you think your job will last longer than 3 hours
    but less than 1 day, use "long" if you think it will last longer than a day
    and less than a week. Do not specify this option if your job will take less
    than 3 hours.
      ./CreateSubmitJobs converter 1000-1356,2133-2167 short

  The output from the jobs that have been submitted will be put in this folder

  This folder is for the creation of the XmlFiles from dry-running jobsub

    For the submission to NAF to be successful, the appropriate XML files have
    to be available, this script will do a jobsub dry run to produce the
    appropriate xml files, fill this script as you would with jobsub.



For more information on how to use grid, please see
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