For developers: EUTelescope sources now at GitHub

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Hanno Perrey
For developers: EUTelescope sources now at GitHub

Dear colleagues,

we wish you a happy and successful new year!

As previously announced, the EUTelescope development will now continue under a different source code management system: we have moved from SVN hosted on DESY servers to git with a public repository hosted at GitHub. This will give us much more flexibility and allow easier collaboration than SVN did.

You can now find the source code at

If you would like to contribute code, please fork the project through GitHub and issue a pull request.

To setup the developer's version of EUTelescope, please checkout and install it through the *trunk* version of ilcsoft-install. Due to the lack of git support in the ilcsoft-install scripts, the code is downloaded via GitHub's SVN interface; to use git features, you have to manually set up a development environment. We hope that we can automate this process in the future.

We will update and extend the documentation to describe this procedure in more detail and to reflect all changes. This will take some time, however, as we are working hard toward a 1.0 release.

If you work or plan to work with EUTelescope in the future and are looking for ways to contribute to the project, please get in touch with us!


Hanno & Igor

for the EUTelescope developers


Hanno Perrey
Installation with git

Dear developers,

to install EUTelescope as git clone directly with ilcsoft-install, please use the ilcsoft-install branch "eutel-git" and otherwise follow the installation instructions as usual.

Please let us know of any problems (or success stories!).