New minor release: v00-08-02

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Hanno Perrey
New minor release: v00-08-02

The EUTelescope developers are happy to announce a new release: version 0.8.2 is now available!
It comes with a new and improved example telescope use case including config, steering files and geometry for use with jobsub: Datura telescope w/o DUT for intrinsic telescope resolution and efficiency measurements.
Some example data files are also available; please see the included READMEs.
The new version also brings many improvements and bug fixes compared to the previous version (0.8.1):

  • added user-requested concatenation feature to jobsub
  • fixed memory leaks in EUTelTestFitter and EUTelHotPixelKiller
  • Fixed sensor id reporting in EUTelDUTHistograms
  • fixed option parameter parsing in jobsub
  • reduced CPU load of jobsub during Marlin output parsing
  • run ranges passed to jobsub are no longer processed out-of-order
  • jobsub uses line buffered output (reduces output delays) if stdbuf tool is available
  • jobsub now correctly creates steering files with --dry-run option when running over several runs

Please visit the documentation on details on how to update.