New minor release: v00-08-03

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Hanno Perrey
New minor release: v00-08-03

Dear colleagues,

we are happy to announce a new minor release of EUTelescope: 0.8.3!

This version brings an updated and optimized example (jobsub/examples/datura-noDUT), automatically links jobsub into $EUTELESCOPE/bin (so it is present in your path) for your convenience, allows to easily add custom commands into the millepede steering file (as created by the EUTelMille processor), and fixes a couple of (minor) bugs.
Some more details can be found at

Please visit for instructions on how to update.

We have also fixed a couple of potential issues in the installation procedure, so that we now recommend to set up fresh installations with ilcinstall version v01-17-02-eutel which is already set to install the newest EUTelescope release.
The updated instructions can be found at

Please let us know of any issues you might encounter by creating a new post in the forums (or if everything works just fine, just come by to say 'hi'! ;)



(for the EUTelescope developer team)