New minor release: v00-09-03

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Hanno Perrey
New minor release: v00-09-03

Dear colleagues,

we are happy to announce a new minor release of EUTelescope: 0.9.3!

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • treatment of non-zero suppressed data, provided by M. Kofarago
  • hotpixel removal in clustering step, provided by M. Kofarago
  • edge issue in APIX clustering processor as suggested by J. Lange
  • a bug in ExhaustiveTrackFinde affecting number of reconstructed tracks.
  • bug in EUTelPreAlignment: FixedPlane parameter didn't accept anything else than zero.

For more details, see the changelog at

And visit for instructions on how to update -- please note that you will need to use the ilcsoft-installer with the version v01-17-03-eutel as later versions can only be used with the new development version of EUTelescope hosted on GitHub.




(for the EUTelescope developers)