New release(s): EUTelescope version 0.9.0 (and 0.8.4)!

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Hanno Perrey
New release(s): EUTelescope version 0.9.0 (and 0.8.4)!

Dear colleagues,

the EUTelescope development team is happy to announce a new release of our data analysis framework: version 0.9.0!  This release offers both new features and many smaller improvements. Among the most prominent changes are:

  • GBL: General Broken Lines can now be used for alignment and track fitting. An example with steering files (datura-noDUT) is included.
  • New tool for plotting the histograms produced during your analysis: Using "pyroplot" (Python ROOT plotter) you can easily generate a single pdf file containing all or a selection of histograms from arbitrary root files or even compare histograms between files. See the tools/pyroplot/README and online documentation for details.
  • Optimized code efficiency, especially in histogram filling routines
  • Improved processor output verbosity: instead of every processor creating arbitrary amounts of console output every X events, you can now easily control the verbosity using the PrintEventNumber processor (see examples).

For a detailed list of changes see our changelog which includes notes on how the update might affect your analysis.

To update, please follow the instructions as long as your current installation was set up using ILCsoft version v01-17-02-eutel; if you've used an older version, GBL might not be included and you probably want to update to a newer ILCsoft version.

A new ILCsoft release is coming in the next few days which will already include the newest EUTelescope version and also fixes a possible issue during installation that our users brought to our attention. We will let you know as soon as it is available!

If you prefer to stick to the previous version, there is a new minor release (v0.8.4) which includes compatibility improvements of jobsub to older Python versions (< 2.7).

Please let us know in the forums of any problems (or success stories!)  you might have!



(for the EUTelescope developer team)