Simplified EUTelescope installation and introducing new ILCSoft release

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Hanno Perrey
Simplified EUTelescope installation and introducing new ILCSoft release

Dear colleagues,

just this week ILCsoft announced a new release of their software package: v01-17-01. We took this opportunity to better integrate the EUTelescope installation into the ilcinstall-scripts - now all you need for a fresh EUTelescope installation is a checkout of the ilcinstall-tools and a single command to trigger the installation procedure! No more platform-depended instructions and no more fiddling around with config files!

With ILCSoft v1.17.1 EUTelescope now runs smoothly under Ubuntu 13.04 and Scientific Linux 6.4 - but please keep in mind that the best-tested platforms are still Ubuntu 12.04 and SL5.8.

Furthermore, the new Marlin version in v1.17.1 offers a nice feature: using "Marlin -u old.xml new.xml" you can easily 'update' your steering files to reflect any changes in a processor's parameters - including the descriptions and optional parameters! This should allow a much smoother migration of your existing analyzes to newer EUTelescope versions.

You can find the new installation instructions at the usual place:
and some additional information on how to update steering files at:

Let us know if you encounter any issues!


for the EUTelescope developer team

Armen Buniatyan (not verified)
test jobsum

there seem to be mistake in the examples
e.g. in the line
$EUTELESCOPE/jobsub/ --config=${ANALYSIS_CONF}/config.cfg \
-csv ${ANALYSIS_CONF}/table_orgmode.csv clustering 97

There is no file 'table_orgmode.csv' in the directory. Instead there is a file 'runlist.csv'

Hanno Perrey
Re: jobsub example

thanks for notifying us! These lines were left over from the previous example - I've just fixed it in the documentation!


Amyhdsfj10 (not verified)

I was waiting for this simplified EUTelescope installation guide to get released. The first article about the installation seemed a little complicated to me but I am really happy to see simple instructions here. It was nice to know about ILCSoft and its release.