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The options to choose which planes are fitted and the required number of telescope planes for the DafFitter do not work as expected. I introduced a quick fix that allows you to have 3 planes fitted, but I don't know that it is correct. Further work needs to be done on this


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Re: DAFFitter and excluded planes


since the commit was made by Phill, I guess that it's you who submitted this issue as well? In any case, thanks for looking into this!

I saw that now the anemone-2FEI4 example (which uses DafFitter) does not produce the same output as before -- the final tests comparing the results with the references fail for both alignment and the fitting stage..

Could you please verify that your modification works as intended? (Possibly the example needs to be modified in case some incorrect parameters to the processor have triggered this change)



Assigning Phill for this issue

I've assigned Phill to look into this issue as he commited the patch -- Phill, please object if you are not responsible! ;)

Your Honour, I object!

Hey Hanno,

I found this issue by going through the code line by line and finding when the variable ndof was reset to -4. When this happened it was because this value was set to 2.5, by looking at the math I realised if I changed it to 1.5 then it would work for 3 planes, but I am also aware that this could have adverse effects in other ways. The problem is that without really working in detail on the issue it is impossible to understand what is going on because all the numbers used in the code are pulled out of thin air and there are no comments.

I don't really want to look into this issue in greater detail if that is okay. Just making you aware that it exists and by changing the code to work for just three planes I *could* have allowed some additional events in normal data taking to make it through when they shouldn't.

Objection accepted

Hey Phill,

thanks for submitting this issue and I understand that you cannot look into this in more detail -- I unassigned you again.

But in case you have any additional information, let us know!